Upper Annandale Dramatic Society



The Music Society has functioned in one form or another for some 65 years or more, the Society as we know it today stems from the refurbishment of the Old Well Theatre and the consequent move of a Bechstein grand piano from the old Academy to the theatre in the late 90s. The theatre is an ideal setting for concerts, with its small and comfortable auditorium in close contact with the stage. Music Society concerts are all of chamber music, and this intimate atmosphere is perfect for creating that bond between performers and audiences which such music requires.

The Music Society season consists of five or six concerts at monthly intervals through the winter, on the first Friday of the relevant months and nearly always at the theatre. They generally feature groups ranging from soloists to quintets, and music from the 16th to the 20th centuries.

The Music Society are very much dependant on Enterprise Music Scotland (EMS) for funding and, in exchange, this organisation imposes certain stipulations, amongst which are that a reasonable proportion of Scottish performers and compositions are shown in the society’s programmes, and this of course they are more than happy to do.

Music Society performers tend to be young soloists or ensembles, very often “on their way up”: names to watch for the future. The aim is to catch them before they get too expensive for the limited budget! Over the seasons a wonderful variety of music is offered to Music Society members, from light to “heavy”, ancient to modern, folk to classical, and it is the intention to maintain this variety for as long as possible.