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There is a rich history of plays at the Old Well Theatre. From historical to farce, imaginitive and fresh.

Plays bring the opportunity for those involved to be immersed in a role that can take them through all types of highs and lows, giving the smallest or the largest of parts their own unique spin. It does not matter if you are new to theatre or you have been in theatre for many years, or indeed what age you are, there is a part to for you to play within the theatre.


A festive tradition well worth waiting for, the Upper Annandale Dramatic Society (UADS) pull out all the stops for a fun filled pantomime for all the family.The winning combination of directors and scriptwriters work panto magic at the Old Well Theatre every year.

Cast members old and new come together to create memorable characters that audiences love to love and love to hate. Songs and poetry weave their way through each script with boos and hisses in abundance along with tears of laughter whilst that special sparkle adds to the feel of this special time of year.


The Old Well Theatre support and promote all varieties of music along with producing it's own music events.

From ancient to disco, local to worldwide. We are also lucky to have the Moffat Music Society available to theatre visitors.

MOFFAT MUSIC SOCIETY - click here to go to dedicated MMS page

The Music Society has functioned in one form or another for some 65 years or more. The theatre is an ideal setting for concerts, with its small and comfortable auditorium in close contact with the stage. Music Society concerts are all of chamber music, and this intimate atmosphere is perfect for creating that bond between performers and audiences which such music requires. Music Society performers tend to be young soloists or ensembles, very often “on their way up”: names to watch for the future. The aim is to catch them before they get too expensive for the limited budget! Over the seasons a wonderful variety of music is offered to Music Society members, from light to “heavy”, ancient to modern, folk to classical, and it is the intention to maintain this variety for as long as possible.


The Upper Annandale Dramatic Society produce very popular musicalS approximately once a year at the Old Well Theatre. Casts for musicals tend to be quite large and include some very well known titles.

Many people from the community normally engage in a musical due to the many roles that are available to be filled. Whether you can sing or not, you can still join in a musical.


The Moffat Theatre Choir have been meeting at the Old Well Theatre and conducting concerts in the community for many years. This has become a very popular group for those who wish to sing. Some members also join our musicals and their Christmas Carol Concert is particularly enjoyed by all.

To join the Moffat Theatre Choir: Email - or telephone 01683697009

YOUNG UADS provides theatre experience for young people. The Upper Annandale Dramatic Society and Old Well Theatre Trust encourage play readings and undertake acting exercises using the scripts of those plays as well offering younger people opportunities to be involved in backstage and technical parts of productions

For some there is a real challenge and the experience gives them the opportunity of a live theatre performance to build their confidence. There may also be other opportunities to audition for UADS productions.


Thinking of a night at the movies? Enjoy our Cinema 4 x 4M cinema screen and 7.1 digital surround sound system. Look out for the latest Moffat Movies by visiting our Home Page or visit us on Facebook: Moffat Movies

For some there is a real challenge and the experience gives them the opportunity of a live theatre performance to build their confidence. There may also be other opportunities to audition for UADS productions.


The Upper Annandale Dramatic Society and the Old Well Theatre are always looking out for people willing to lend a hand toward keeping the building maintained and to help productions at the theatre.

Try your hand at some set painting ---- Put a little light and sound into the production --- Fancy seeing a film for free? Join our group of projectionists --- Help out with costume alterations & design --- Serve up refreshments --- Volunteer to greet our audiences & take tickets --- Sell Raffle Tickets --- There are many other things you can help with too, including prompting which will help a performance or of course you can join those on stage.


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