Upper Annandale Dramatic Society



  'Sharing the experience'

Tucked away in the spa town of Moffat is the Old Well Theatre, home to the Upper Annandale Dramatic Society for over sixty years. Come and join the fun!

Welcome to the Old Well Theatre

The Upper Annandale Dramatic Society (U.A.D.S.) produces a variety of events at the theatre. Plays, pantomimes, musicals and art exhibitions as well as our own cinema 'Moffat Movies' showing big screen movies with 7.1 digital surround sound.

The Old Well Theatre supports charitable events and encourages other productions to visit the theatre, productions that bring drama, comedy and music of a different variety to that produced by U.A.D.S. itself.

The theatre also has its own choir 'The Moffat Theatre Choir' and 'Young U.A.D.S.' for younger members of the Upper Annandale Dramatic Society.